Guest Review: Captain America: Civil War

Hello dudes, dudettes and nerds of all ages,

I’m Nerdie Weekend. My hobbies include: nail art, cars, and dabbling
in the nerd world stateside and abroad. I also enjoy a good traipse
around world, souvenir shopping and sports. So as you can see, my
plate is rather full. I don’t consider myself a full nerd girl, but
definitely one who can survive your polite comic convention chitchat.

So, now that we’ve been acquainted, let’s talk about the movie that came
out last Friday in my residing country: Captain America: Civil War.

Let me say this: O.M.G.

This movie will do well with comic buffs, noobs, and everyone in
between. I don’t want to interfere with ticket sales so I won’t be
spoiling a bunch. This movie is a great mix of character development,
action, and of course eye candy for all us nerd girls.

But this isn’t the film’s only good point.

This movie has its fair share of surprises which can really make you
rethink the characters that, by this point, you have held near and
dear. Your favorites may surprise you, and those you loath may be
hated a little less. It also makes some good commentary on politics,
friendship, and people.

I know what you’re thinking, “it’s Marvel, so the goodie two-shoes are
going to carpe the diem all over the screen. Good vs. bad has never
been so clean cut.” Well, this movie definitely proved to me that the
Marvel world is not all rainbows and unicorns. There are in fact
shades of gray and “lessers of two evils.”

Hope you enjoy the film and make sure you stick around to see BOTH sneak peeks!

Enjoy some popcorn for me,

~ Nerdie


Guest Review: Batman vs. Superman – Dawn of Justice

It was a dark and stormy knight….

Seriously, and literally, it is a dark and stormy night here in Texas, where I’m sitting at 12:11 a.m. on Thursday, March 24, 2016.  The thunderstorm warning/hail has finally passed us for now, which is good as I don’t really have the financial wherewithal to support my laptop- and my person- being struck by lightning and short-circuiting as I write this review for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Say whaaaaaaa?  How can she be writing a review for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice on Thursday March 24 2016 at 12:11 a.m. if Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn’t come out until this evening?!

I’m a mega-nerd.  I saw an advanced showing.  By the way, there’s nothing at the end of the credits; I checked.  You’re welcome.

Some facts about me: I am not Danielle (aka Regina), normal queen of this blog.  My name is Mary.  Did I knock Danielle out and stuff her in a closet in order to take over her blog?  Yes, but that’s not the point.  No, fool!  I was invited!  I’m one of Danielle’s good friends from college, and since I’ve already seen BvS, she asked me to guest appear on her blog.  I’m sure she will extend her most fervent apologies soon.

Some of my biases- some of which will become very relevant- follow.

I’m a devout Roman Catholic.

I majored in Theatre, where my Honors Thesis was in directing.  Oh, so you’re a professional movie critic?  No, I’m a substitute teacher/bartender.  Not at the same time.  Still not a professional movie critic.

I less than three Batman with a big chunk of my less than three.  However, I do not pretend to know absolutely everything about the character, so there are counterpoints that could be made to most of the points I’ll make.  My Superman love and knowledge is much less.

I’m human, and I make mistakes.  I’ve only seen the movie once, and if I don’t remember something, then please chalk it up to my humanity, rather than willful deception.

*Spoilers below*

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