About the Queens


Regina is a writer and author getting ready to publish her first fantasy novel. Her day job is in marketing, and she likes to read, play music and create cosplay in her spare time. She’s also a video game aficionado who owns five consoles. You can view her personal website here or check her out on the tweets – @WryRaconteur.


Amidala Netflixes while she irons.  Insurance professional by day, serial television addict by night. Occasional cartoonist, crafty cosplayer, and abundant collector of art. In every universe, Amidala aims to rule the galaxy…or you know, may it at least more efficient. Catch up on the doodleverse adventures of her friends here. For “live” tweets of shows and other fun things, follow @lambells.

Red Queen:

The Red Queen doesn’t do hero nonsense. She is an advanced genetics student pursuing her Ph.D. She’s a voracious reader especially of fantasy and young adult fiction.  Her vague commitment issues cause her to dabble in an abundance of hobbies including climbing, crafting, cosplaying, writing, etc. etc. etc. These activities usually go best when she follows her instincts.

Banner image courtesy of Pawel Kadysz


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