DragonCon 2016!

For the rest of Labor Day weekend, the queens will be partying it up at DragonCon 2016!

We take our cosplay very seriously, and that’s why we have several costumes prepared for this year:

  • Thursday:  genderbent Miguel & Tulio (Regina & the Red Queen)
  • Friday: Once Upon a Time (Regina as the Evil Queen, Amidala as Snow White and the Red Queen as Zelena)
  • Saturday: Spaceships! (Regina as the USS Enterprise, Amidala as the Millennium Falcon and the Red Queen as the Serenity)
  • Sunday: “Time Lord” party (Regina as the Fourth Doctor, Amidala as Mary Poppins and the Red Queen as Sailor Pluto)

You may also see Regina as Wonder Woman or Katniss Everdeen (to whom she bears a striking resemblance), and Amidala may make an appearance as Robin. We will also have two additional friends with us for many of these cosplays.

If you see us in costume, come say hello! And if you take a picture with us (which we are happy to do), post it here so we can see it too!

-The Queens