Alice Through the Looking Glass is a Nonsensical Journey

Alice-through-looking-glassAlice has to travel through time while being chased by Time and his aggressively associated puns in order to save her friend The Hatter. He is literally fading fast and the only one who can save him is Alice.

Meanwhile, back at home Alice is faced with being deemed cray after Haymish takes over his father’s company and relegates Alice to the role of clerk, even though she had spent the last year captaining her ship Wonder.

If you were hoping for a movie true to the original Through the Looking Glass story, this is not it. However, if you were looking for a whirlwind adventure with overwhelming and beautiful detail, this is a good place to start.

Full disclosure, I loved the first one of these movies and I am a major Alice buff. That being said I love the feeling of Wonderland and the idea that anything can be possible.

The storyline of this movie wanders like an untrained dog and somewhere in the middle it gets a little lost, but it finds its way back to us by the end. In true Disney fashion all works out, which if that’s a spoiler I’m concerned for you. However, while the storyline is less than convincing the new places we discover along the way are mystical and combine everything we love about Wonderland. It’s one part fantasy and two parts madness, combining ideas from the first movie, the book, the original Alice animated film, and even a hint of Alice: Madness Returns in a steampunky-dark locale.

I can look past the slightly drunken storyline for how incredible the ideas, puns, and artistry are in this movie.

Sadly, our favorite side-kick characters serve as part of the artistry and not part of the real story. But, at least we have Time who is great and not at all what I expected.

Our main character Alice has really come into her own and when her belief in the impossible, something that has always gotten her through, is questioned Wonderland comes to her aid to remind her of what she is capable of. I love that. Believing in impossible things is a tenet of my life goals. I additionally love her transformation into a feminist icon. Alive at a time when women weren’t allowed to do anything, she’s fights against the establishment and makes me want to jump on top of a very tall rock and yell FIGHT THE PATRIARCHY!

But, Alice can still make mistakes and she makes several big one, but of course there are lessons to be learned in all this, just how every Wonderland story should be.

And thanks to Wonderland, there is love, adventure, friendship, puns, family and most of all wonder.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. FIGHT THE PATRIARCHY…Also, did I mention how much I love the puns in this movie?