The 100: “Stealing Fire”

Okay, I’m just going to start with the elephants in the room.

  1. I am still VERY upset that Lexa is dead. It was a waste of a character and a disappointment to the LGBTQ-ally community.
  2. When did the clans become The Hunger Games?
  3. When did The 100 become The Game of Thrones?

Really Pike has become the ultimate bad guy, complete with executions timed at dramatic intervals that allow just enough room for people to get away.  I guess the writers did kind of get this correct in that I hate him entirely, especially for what he does in this episode. This show really is all about the drama. I think that’s why the cinematography over-uses the over-the-shoulder close-up.

I have to say, while the bad guys and the individual plot lines are rough, there are some individual scenes that are wonderfully well written. In this particular episode there are several touching moments between Abby and Cain that basically resulted in me not hating Abby as much. Anyone who has been following my blog knows that not hating Abby is a really serious feat for me.

Really, while I’m very annoyed with this storyline, and frankly ready for this show to hit a peaceful end, they did a lot of thing right with this episode. The emotion has returned and while the final death of the episode left me heartbroken, I know that it’s because the actor is moving on to do another show, which makes me happy.

The main thing wrong really just comes back around to Lexa’s death. I cannot believe they killed her and I am still VERY angry about it. Frankly, I despise this new leader just for existing let alone the fact that she is evil to the core. I really wish we could just get Clarke back in the main game and done with these ridiculous side-missions. She’s more of a Grounder than anyone at this point…including Octavia.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Glad the Grounders are at least continuing with the Screw the Patriarchy approach to government.