Zootopia Supplies All of the Life Lessons


Disney has done it again. It is impossible for me to name my top five animated movies because I love them so much, but this probably makes my top 10.

Judy Hops is a spunky bunny from small-town Bunnyton who has reached her dream of being a cop in the booming metropolis of Zootopia. And, there has never a bunny cop before. Judy battles on even though many doubt her along the way. When some of Zootopia’s residents go missing, Judy takes it upon herself to save them…even at the risk of losing her career. She finds herself with an unlikely ally in a tricky fox who introduces her to the seedy underbelly of Zootopia.

While not quite as good as Inside Out, I group them together because of their power. Inside Out was a groundbreaking kids movie that approached mental health. Zootopia widely tackles racism with the undervalued prey vs. the authoritarian predators. It approaches sexism by having the first bunny cop. It explains the damage of stereotypes and how we can rise above them through a fox who is as brave as he is sly. It even briefly shows that forgiveness goes a long way even when it come to childhood bullies.

On top of that, it is adorable, funny and full of surprises. The amazing part about Disney movies has always been that they make kids movies that are fun for adults and Zootopia is no exception.

This movie is a classic coming of age, rooting for the underdog, reaching for your dreams, action-packed hero, godfather, conspiracy theory movie. Really, I mean it. We get a little bit of everything. It’s even better because I love Judy.

Judy Hops, is a wonderful role model in that she fights for her dreams. Judy still makes mistakes though. She is far from perfect, but she teaches us that you can make mistakes as long as you try to set them right.

The jokes in this movie are top notch too. There is a host of hilarious side characters that provide a bulk of the comedy with jokes like the ever growing population of Bunnyton and the elephant in the room named Francine.

Additionally, the attention to detail lives up to Disney expectations. Zootopia contains many districts that we get to visit. Each of which is a different habitat providing homes to the great variety of residents in Zootopia, which boasts it’s own pop star and mafia. Not to mention how sneaky and perfect the big plot twist is. It’s so perfect, that you see it coming and don’t even notice, hidden in plain sight.

Overall, it is a wonderfully written and designed movie but the best part about it is the lessons and the heart. These classic themes of doing your best, fighting for your dreams and, maybe most importantly, that no one should be judged by the color of their fur or the shape of their ears.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Red Panda…is the best part of the movie even though he’s only in it for about five minutes with a total of three lines.


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