Shadowhunters: “Raising Hell”

I took a hiatus from this show because I just couldn’t anymore. If you’ve read my posts on previous episodes I’m sure you understand. But, as long as the show goes on I should continue my blogging quest. Bad reviews are more fun to write anyway.

My first reaction to coming back is that I really like Simon, even if he is hard-headed about where SAFETY is. Maybe it’s because he’s nerdy, maybe it’s because I know what happens, or maybe it’s because he reminds me of a better version of my high school boyfriend, but anyway, I like him. He’s pretty real, attractive and well-cast. My second favorite character is Jace’s abs…just his abs.

Speaking of which, part of me is happy that Jace and Simon’s relationship is so true to the books, but that means that their relationship is as irritating as it is in the books.

Really at this point most of this particular episode for me was about how true to the book they made these characters and while the main gang are all hits, there are a few misses for me. Wasn’t Hodge supposed to be some extra wise old guy? Not some 20 year-old who wishes he too had washboard abs?

And finally we got to really see Magnus, who I wish we had gotten to know sooner. For me, Magnus is just okay. The outfits and inappropriate looks are on point but as much as I loved Harry Shum Jr. in Glee, I just am not convinced he can play self-centered thoroughly enough to be Magnus Bane. My favorite part about Magnus is that thanks to him we get a break from the Alec <3s Jace crap, but he also provides some comic relief to break up all the whining.

“I was alive when the Dead Sea was just feeling a little poorly.”

It is great to have such an openly pan-sexual character as Magnus Bane. I always think of him as pan-sexual because while he seems more homosexual I have a feeling Magnus just generally appreciates a healthy sexual appetite. This kind of comfort level and depth in a homosexual character is really rare still both on TV and in Young Adult books and Magnus helps fill in that gap.

I am hopeful that Harry can pull off this character in future episodes, but then again I was hopeful this show would be good.

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“It’s ever too early for Teriyaki.”

A quote to live by…