The 100: “Terms and Conditions”


Bellamy has taken a right turn into anti-character-development crazy town…like…what is he doing and why would his character be doing it? And he isn’t the only one. Raven’s whole side-trip (haha) is also not character appropriate. It is so not Raven to use her fellows like this…but at least that departure from sanity can be explained by a massive amount of drugs.

Monty is better than this too! Although I think that his poor decisions are still more justified than Bellamy’s because there is probably some mother-related emotional angst going on. Really I do like that each member of the original squad is getting their own piece of the plot development pie. But, I think I loved the “I hate you but I’m still your comrade” attitude of the first season that we have subsequently lost. I love watching relationships develop and bonds form on screen and this show has devolved into everyman for himself with no one person standing as a rallying point anymore. I hope that Clark steps up in the next few episodes to reprise that role.

Every choice has a price and every cloud has both a silver-lining and a dark side. Marcus has by far the most character development in this show. He has taken a 180 degree turn from Dolores Umbridge to Sirius Black and if he doesn’t escape the death trap that is Arcadia I will be very very angry…side note…what the Hell is Abby doing this whole time? Additionally, I need the old Bellamy back. The one who stood against the man and his regime all for family.

I will say though, I give mad praise to the music of this show. It is so good whoever is in charge of music needs a raise. Also, with how smart Monty’s mom is you’d think she’d have picked the side of the not-crazies. I guess intelligence and wisdom aren’t the same thing. #GeneralThemeOfTheShow

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. I do believe they just made a whole episode without Clark…like something is wrong with this.