The 100: “Thirteen”


I’ll begin with a warning. Usually I try to keep my reviews mostly spoiler free, but there is a MAJOR spoiler in this one because I had things that needed saying.


I loved and hated this episode for so many reasons. The first forty minutes were great. We FINALLY get to learn more about Alie. We learn about her creator, who I fully support. We get to learn about the destruction of the Earth and the end of the thirteenth space station. Really this backstory is what I’ve been desperate for these past few episodes. I needed this information to feel plugged in and I’m so happy that this storyline is getting it’s deserved time. We even get to learn more about The Grounders in this wonderful flashback.

I personally found Alie’s creator to be inspirational and justified, although I have a feeling that will be an unpopular opinion. Some of this may be because I called a lot of this. I had a really good feeling about the cause of the end of the world, where AI number two would be AND the instigation of The Commander.

However, as amazing as this flashback was this episode was highly disappointing for me. (Here’s the spoiler by the way.) My favorite part about this show is how sexual-preference fluidity and homosexuality was present, and not a big deal. I loved the idea that a main character could be bisexual and it was no big deal for this society. Lexa and Clarke’s relationship has been a saving grace for this show. It was truly my favorite storyline. Their big dramatic kiss this season made me soooo happy.

And then they ruined it.

Have you ever heard of LDS? Lesbian Death Syndrome. or the Bury Your Gays problem? It comes down to this… I challenge you to think of a lesbian character in main stream TV/movies that doesn’t come to a dramatic end. I understand that in this case Lexa’s death served some kind of purpose, but there were other ways to share the real role of The Commander. In more specific versions, LDS is the scenario that the lesbian character dies dramatically, right after achieving their greatest happiness almost as if saying that gays can’t be happy. Lexa dies shortly after her and Clarke finally engage in sexy time.

I’m very disappointed in this show. We finally had a real lesbian couple that made me smile, and they squashed it. Apparently, this actually caused the show creators to lose significant twitter followers and they also took a major hit in viewership for the following episode so I know I’m not the only one upset by this.

You guys had a really great start to this one…and then brutally murdered it in an unnecessary and highly complicated fashion.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. For more information about LDS try this website which is not for children here.