The 100: “Bitter Harvest”


I think everyone on this show has been on the top of my hate list at one point or another. Rather than getting all up in my angry place again I will try to actually write a review of this episode.

Wait, I just have to say one thing….PLEASE GIVE ME COMIC RELIEF. There is none and it is sooooo needed.

I’m thinking this drugs must be like machine nano particles or something. I am so happy that they exist because I’m getting that new side element I’ve been really wanting. This whole crazy AI woman is really intriguing. Alie is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters because this actress just does psychopathic computer program very well. As much as I dislike this drug concept, they did a good job targeting which characters would be the best to buy into this scenario. Who are the key players? Who are the easy targets? I want more backstory here. I want a flashback. I want information!

As a side note…everyone in this show has incredible posture…

Back to the point, really the important part of this episode is Clarke and Lexa’s captive. Finally, Clarke has to face what she is expecting Lexa and her people to do. Clarke herself has to decide…does blood require blood or can we create something better?  And it is fabulous. Really, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again..Clarke and Lexa save this show. They keep saving it and saving it and saving it. Watching Clarke try to work through this difficult decision is powerful. And I think we can all agree that her decision at the end is why she isn’t on my giant pile of hate. She is one of the few intellectual people here.

When Lexa was first introduced I was not her biggest fan, but I’ve grown to respect her. She is in a very difficult position and yet she submits to growth. She commits her self to being a better person. That’s why Lexa and Clarke have such a great on-screen relationship. We get to watch them grow together, which is just wonderful.

One last minute thought, I was waiting for the downside of the devil pills and now we know! And, it makes this side story even better! Ugh..that’s all.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. I think power just makes people insane. Now that Abby isn’t Chancellor I actually think she seems reasonable.