The 100: “Watch the Thrones”


First off, I have got to say I am digging Wanheda’s look, but I really don’t understand the choice to start this episode off like they did. Last we left them, I thought there was going to be a war and the Ice Queen was hiding in the bushes. All of a sudden, she’s in chains and we are experiencing a coo. Like what?!? I wanted a battle and some cool strategic throw-downs. People really need an a** kicking in this show and this was my opportunity to witness that and the powers that be stole that from me.Generally, the fight between Lexa and Roan is what I wanted more of this episode, bada** butt kicking.

Also, I think “Not Monty” has really lost it. And his angst is in fact the only angst that I understand in this entire show. So much angst. So much unjustified angst. It’s like watching American politics, lots of sh*t slinging and very little depth. “Anger is our policy.”

While watching I predicted that Pike was going to become the next Chancellor and everyone would be screwed. I think this whole “hating everyone else” thing is getting a little repetitive. I was hoping that Jaha’s storyline would bring an end to this back and forth. But, we continue to play violent politics. And, Jaha’s plotline stalls in the mud. I’m almost beginning to think that Jasper has the right idea. I’d drink to forget all this BS too. As a matter of fact, while watching this I needed to grab some wine.

The redeeming element of this show really is Lexa and Clarke’s relationship. Watching the emotional struggles between those two, the fight between loving their clans and loving each other, is tantalizing.

Back to my ranting, Pike being able to sway Bellamy makes absolutely no sense to me. I feel like the creators of this show have a clear vision of development for only a single character on this show, Clarke. Everyone else is either static or has the character development of a scud missile: wandering all over the place. Okay, I’ll concede, Jasper isn’t static either, but he’s not exactly an inspiring force.

In summary, this show needs less whining and more reality checks. I hope this whole Pike thing doesn’t last long.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Bellamy needs to figure out what his priorities are…like really.