Agent Carter: “Hollywood Ending”

acarter_HollywoodEndingAt the beginning of this episode, Howard Stark returns in true Howard style, with Jarvis at the helm.

“Jarvis, you just hit a woman with my car.”

“I know sir.”

“She’s a two time Oscar nominee.”

“Miss Frost is quite resilient. She’s fine. Trust me.”

And then, Jarvis supplies tea. What more can you want from the introduction to the season finale? Oh, wait. I know. The only thing that makes this better is the fact that we have an evil genius…named Whitney…in pearls. She looks like a Disney princess in purple.

Generally, the return of Howard Stark is much appreciated. He brings a level of snark to his episode that is distinctly Howard. I love that he is the only one that calls her Peg. Also, he always gets the best jokes, even if he makes them at the most inopportune time.


“If she weren’t a homicidal maniac…I’d be in love.”

However, while the men in this story may know how to work any equation, Peggy knows how to work a man through ego-shaming them into greatness, then she drops the mic, walks away, and names the machine. This is a glorious Peg moment. We get to have a lot of satisfaction in Agent Carter’s superiority over the average individual. Thompson orders dinner. I giggled. Excessively.

Finally, Thompson becomes not a terrible human being. Actually I start to like him and just in the knick of time apparently. I respect the role he plays in the system. Somebody has to at least vaguely play by the rules of the game.

As much as I loved this episode and the new feelings I have for some characters, I felt it slightly unsatisfying as the season finale. I have so many unanswered questions. Then, I think to myself, this episode was so funny and I love that we have places to go for the next season. I mean…Whitney has gone completely mad…I smell a comeback. It’s really an emotional roller coaster of giggles, tears, and fist pumping. The only thing really missing is the return of Dotty, but again there is so much potential for season three I guess I can’t be that upset. Plus, I got the moment I’ve been waiting for. The sloppy heart-exciting moment. This is why I just can’t stop and won’t stop tweeting about the need for season 3 of Agent Carter. Next season is going to have some awesome villains, amazing side characters, and an attack on a top secret society complete with secret key. What more could you want?

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. #RenewAgentCarter