Agent Carter: “The Edge of Mystery/ A Kittle Song and Dance”

AgentCarter_SongAndDanceTHERE IS A SONG AND DANCE NUMBER AND HAYLEY ATWELL SINGS. I could just leave this review there. If you want more from an episode than that, well I have nothing to say to you. But, for consistency’s sake I will continue on with my review.

We opened the second half of this episode-duo with an ode to Oz in the black and white walk down memory lane that shows Agent Carter’s inner emotional struggles that have been hiding under the surface for several episodes. The first half of this episode also has a wonderfully choreographed piece. Agent Carter gives a beat down while two angry Italians scream at each other in the foreground. I like that we get to see Agent Carter, the badass in one episode and immediately witness the emotional struggle of Peggy in the next.

While these two moments are decidedly hilarious, these episodes are the most emotional ones yet. Previously, Frost shot Mrs. Jarvis thus finalizing her transition into full on sith. When Jarvs’s vows got to me, I will admit. Cried like a baby and the episode just got more emotional from there. I knew this episode would have a big twist. It’s about that time of the season for the big twist. But three major twists? Three!

Twist #1 I saw coming from at least two episodes back. However, twist #2 that one took me by a surprise. That being said….twist #3 was a doozy! This episode has more twists than a 1960’s dance-off. I even don’t entirely hate Thompson anymore. (The fact that I don’t hate him is probably the biggest twist of the review.) The boys finally get the idea…


And while there are many great twists and many wonderful moments…this episode is also fill of my favorite thing…character development. We test the limits of Agent Carter and Jarvis’s friendship in an exploration of what makes each of them a valuable member of the team including why Agent Carter isn’t married and why Jarvis isn’t an agent. No duo is without it’s faults and here we see Jarggy’s flaws in bright vibrant fury. As hard as it was to watch though, I think our dynamic duo will come out the other side back in beautiful Jarggy harmony.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Remember: Her brother’s name is Michael.