Agent Carter: “Life of the Party/Monster Sticky Wickett”

AgentCarter_LifeOftheParty.jpegThe supervillain initiation has begun. Whitney Frost, is starting to lose it. Meanwhile, Peggy is stuck waiting behind, allowing other people to do the dirty work so that she can rest and recover. But, Peggy’s replacement is probably the most shocking part of this episode.

“I have a terrible idea.” -Agent Peggy Carter

We excitedly welcome Dotty Underwood back into the fray.Which means we get to learn about her past, her present, and see her develop as a member of the cast. I have to say…I like her. In my perfect world, Dotty ends up Peggy’s Maid of Honor when she marries Chief Sousa. Truly I think that Dotty and Peggy have a relationship that is going to build significantly over future episodes and potentially future seasons. This could become one of the greatest female drama duos ever. Especially because Dotty finally goes there…”Jeeves.” Someone had to call Jarvis Jeeves eventually. Dotty is not the only long-awaited surprise in these episodes however. Jarvis get’s to listen to the much anticipated conversation between Peggy and Sousa. In this moment, I decided that Peggy + Sousa is what I really want. I kept going back and forth between the two potential love interests. As much as I like a tall, handsome scientist, Sousa is the OG. But, if I have learned anything from reading an abundance of YA books it’s that in every love triangle somebody has to die. We can slowly see Jason going mad…my bet is on his early demise. Alternatively, superhero stories have the option of the good guy gone bad scenario. My prediction is on dramatic self-sacrifice though. But, we will just have to wait and see.

The accidental Jarvis snooping does lead to some wonderful girl chat between Peggy and Jarvis showing us that as much as Dotty has potential, the true best-friendship in this story is that of Jarggy.

“This might save our bacon.” – Jarvis

“Good, I quite fancy my bacon.” – Peggy

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Vernon Masters/Red has passed Thompson to become number one on my s**t list.
P.S.S. I want a love like Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis.

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