Deadpool Kicks Ass, Takes Names, Unfortunately Does Not Eat Tacos


Look, when you go to a Deadpool movie, you don’t expect a fancy, original plot with surprise twists.

You go to watch Deadpool kick ass, rattle off profanity-laden one-liners and then kick some more ass. Preferably all at once.

So while my biggest quibble with the Deadpool movie is its tired, un-original plotline, you kind of can’t be mad at it.


I mean, just look at that face.

The first two acts of the story are told largely in flashback, revealing how Deadpool came to be Deadpool while he simultaneously fights off a horde of “badder” guys (with only 12 bullets). We see his love for Vanessa, his cancer diagnosis, Francis/Ajax’s experimentation and finally Deadpool’s quest for vengeance. From there we proceed through the obligatory “girlfriend-gets-kidnapped-by-bad-guy” to “save-the-girl.” I haven’t really spoiled anything at all here because this was basically all in the trailer/in two out of three superhero movies featuring male leads. There are no shocking twists, and it really is that simple.

All that being said – Ryan Reynolds knocks it out of the PARK.

If the actor playing Deadpool wasn’t into it, this movie would have fallen apart. But Reynolds is all over the role, giving 110%. His love for the character shows in every scene, and it more than makes up for the plot’s failings. He would even make you forget about the tragedy of that OTHER superhero movie he was in (with a green, animated suit) if it weren’t for the movie’s quippy references to it. He snarks, he shoots people, he isDeadpool.

And the excellent casting doesn’t stop there. I have loved Morena Baccarin since her Firefly days, and she’s always a treat on-screen. Her introduction is well-handled, and the chemistry between her and Reynolds is definitely there, as evidenced by the hilarious holiday sex montage. I wish we could have seen more of her (and I wish she’d had more agency rather than just being the object of Deadpool’s love), but I’ll pin those hopes on the sequel.

Also in the “excellent casting” corner is TJ Miller as Deadpool/Wade Wilson’s best buddy. Miller has been all over the place of late, and he’s well cast here as a character that enables much of the witty dialogue. Somebody’s gotta be on the receiving end of those one-liners, and Miller’s Weasel gets off several of his own too.

I was less impressed with the villains. Ed Skrein did OK as Ajax but wasn’t menacing enough for me to feel he was a real threat to Deadpool. Part of that fault lies with the writers as well, but it never felt like the stakes were particularly high, even at the final fight.

The movie is loaded with jokes and gags, some of which will actually take you a second to catch as they fly by; even though the writers didn’t do great in the plot department, they nailed the dialogue. Montages are put to fantastic use, and the special effects don’t suffer too poorly from the relatively low budget. And that R rating could have been independently earned by either the sex, the violence or the language – let alone all three.

But what else would you expect from a Deadpool movie? It’s exactly what I hoped it would be and what itshould be – two hours of snark, sex and ass-kicking. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Other Assorted Thoughts:

  • My single favorite joke of the movie came during a montage of Deadpool tracking down Ajax – a scene where he rides a zamboni down an ice skating rink while his injured victim tries to pull himself to safety. It’s as funny as it sounds.
  •  My second favorite would have to be the moment during Deadpool’s countdown of bullets on the freeway when one of the bad guys comes around the car only to discover that his gun is out of ammo – and Deadpool, lying comfortably on the ground, chides him for not counting bullets too before killing him.
  • Oh my God, Dopinder. All ten for you, buddy.
  • “Hakuna his tatas” was such a great line.
  • So many jokes about the budget! And apparently the reason Deadpool forgets his weapons duffel bag twice is due to budget cuts that forced changes to the big action sequences.
  • Nice cameo, S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier.
  • Nice cameo, Stan Lee.


Image courtesy of IMDB and, ultimately, 20th Century Fox. Originally appeared on Regina’s blog.


A Natural History of Dragons, A Memoir by Lady Trent: by Marie Brennan

NaturalHistoryofDragonsIf Charles Darwin were a woman who studied dragons in a fantasy world, this is the book he would have written. If you like science, dragons, and authoritative women, this should be the next book on your to read list.

When I first saw this book on a shelf at my favorite bookstore I thought, “this is a really beautiful book,” which I then immediately followed with “I am not paying $30 for a book I am unsure of.” Months went by and eventually the paperback came out and I decided to purchase. By the time I finished reading it I had already bought the next two in the series AND shamed myself because I hadn’t purchased the beautiful hardcover edition that would have been completely worth the cost.

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Lucifer Takes on a Murder Mystery – For All the Right Reasons? (“The Would-Be Prince of Darkness”)


This week, everyone’s favorite snarktastic devil took on the murder of a wannabe actress, killed during a virgin football player’s party and found in a swimming pool. Meanwhile, a nobody is impersonating Lucifer and giving him a bad name and reputation.

The overall plot is at least somewhat better than last week’s. The murder mystery is not nearly as straightforward as the forgettable paparazzi murder from last week. There’s actually time spent fleshing out the suspects, digging into their alibis and motives, and we don’t find out with 100% certainty who the killer is until the end (although it’s not very difficult to guess). Lucifer’s confrontation with his impersonator was a great moment for the character as well, insofar as we actually see him refuse to punish someone who definitely deserved it in his eyes.

The confessional aspect of the show was much better utilized in this week’s episodes than in either of the previous two. It actually managed to approach the level of The Sopranos that I hoped it could achieve. The shrink is remarkably insightful into Lucifer’s personality, and she provides a nice outside perspective on everything that’s going on in Lucifer’s life. She forces him to review his own motives in a thoughtful, questioning way (whereas Maze’s remonstrations just make him angry). Her assertion that he may be seeking justice for the wronged as much as punishment for the evil is a good one; the line is definitely blurring.

But while this episode really explored Lucifer himself, it didn’t do much for any of the other characters. Where the hell was Amenadiel? (Haha…get it?) Maze was just creepy, particular with her line about it looking like Lucifer was punishing himself, but otherwise she was the same as she has been in every episode to date.

We didn’t learn anything meaningful about Claire, except that she’s pissed that Lucifer keeps meddling in her investigations (which we already knew). And somehow, despite the very obvious, over-the-top moment at the climax of the episode, she still hasn’t teetered off the edge of the belief cliff into Lucifer-is-actually-the-devil land.

But I hold out hope for next week.

Other Assorted Thoughts

  • “You, Ty, are like a four-leaf clover and a unicorn had a baby…without having sex.” Fantastic.
  • The explanation of Lucifer as a magician to Trixie…I don’t like kids, but man, that little girl is cute.
  • The “displacement” joke between the shrink and Lucifer was funny, though I cringed that they actually used the denial/Da Nile joke. C’mon writers, you’re better than that. Please don’t end any future episodes on lame jokes.


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Glass Sword (Red Queen #2) by Victoria Aveyard:A Worthy Sequel


In this second installment of the Red Queen series (see my review of book one here), many bleed, but few will kneel.

Mare has escaped from the cruel new king Maven, but Cal her maybe friend maybe enemy is in chains and she doesn’t know where this tunnel will lead. Reunited with Shade, she hopes the Scarlet Guard will help her, but she is unaware of the length of the Guard’s great reach. She has to fight to stay alive and fight her own instincts. Trust no one.

Maybe it’s because I was PMSing, maybe it’s because I’ve waited so long for this next installment, maybe it’s just the truth, either way this is an amazing story. Mare is a complex young woman who knows that sometimes we live in a world that is not right or wrong but painfully gray. She struggles differentiating the Maven she once loved and the Maven she now knows. Her power grows and grows becoming more a part of her very soul with each passing day. However, above all else she must find the new-bloods, the ones like her, and save them from Maven and his mother. Continue reading

Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard: A Tragedy in Two Parts


The first part of the tragedy is the sad context of Queen Coriane Jaco’s death. The second part of the tragedy is the writing for these two short stories.

Cruel Crown is the publication containing two back stories for Red Queen (see my review for that here)  and I think I have to rate each story separately because what they bring to the table is very different.

The first story, Queen Song, is about Coriane, Tiberius the Sixth’s first wife and Cal’s mother. We slowly watch her go mad from the pressure and while Corianne is the point of view character, this story is really about the future queen, Elara, the tormentor. We get to see just how driven Elara is through her interactions with the soft and gentle Coriane. Elara is Coriane’s mental illness, that inner force that it’s hard to battle against.

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Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want: Lucifer 1.3 The Would-Be Prince of Darkness

In a word: Murder.

Ok, slow down, no one call the cops.  I promise I’m not on the path to the death penalty.  But Lucifer’s questioning of the virtuous, rare as a four-leaf clover crossed with a unicorn, football player, Ty Huntley immediately had me thinking: What would I do if I really let loose?

Thanks, Lucifer.  I did not need an existential question on a terrible, no good, awful day such as today has been.

So, what would I do if I really gave in to every desire?  As the epitome of a Type A personality, there is only order and organization, everything else is chaos.  I too may be often guilty of trying so hard to control my life I forget to enjoy it, but that is what tv is for: To Enjoy Life…and maybe to let someone else express my anger for me.  Clearly it works, because I feel infinitely better now. Cheers all around!

But, for the sake of indulging Luci, behold my gifs of ultimate destruction! Continue reading

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard : A Trope-alicious Expedition


In honor of the release of Glass Sword (book 2), which will be reviewed shortly, I thought I’d return the Red Queen. Remember, this should not be confused with THE Red Queen.

Red Queen is yet another in a long line of fairly similar young adult fantasy novels, complete with love triangle, a fight against the monarchy, and a teenager who doesn’t understand her own attractiveness. However, if I spent my YA book reviews talking about the similarities between books, I would never be able to justify why I love YA so much. As a genre YA does not provide much depth, but we love it all the same.

So, here I am going to focus on why I did enjoy this particular book. I have anxiously awaited the second installment of this series for a reason. Continue reading

Galavant: Making My <3 Sing Since 2015

I know I haven’t been posting for this season of Galavant, but I had to share some brief thought on this season as a whole and especially the finale.

Overall, this season was up and down, but it had some real high points. (See my post on the chick fight here.) The Mount Everest of the high points this season had to be the two part finale, which included everything I love about this show. My Monday after watching those two episodes included a lot of dramatic lip singing and cheer. And let me tell you…I am NOT a Monday person nor a morning person, but that day I was all smiles.

This finale was the best part of my month. I’m completely serious about that. If you haven’t watched Galavant, putting in the time for the first two seasons is worth it entirely just for the season two finale.

If you enjoy a world of dragons, knights, armies, zombies, love, singing, fourth wall breaking and adventure, you need to see this finale. Like please watch it guys.

Galavant: Chick FIGHT! An Analysis of “I Don’t Like You”

In the near corner we have, weighing the same as an angry Pitbull in heat, the insatiable Queen Madalena. And in the far corner, weighing the same as a Chihuahua without her favorite pink sweater, the violently squeaky Princess Isabella Lucia Maria Elizabetta!

Folks I think Gareth said it best with “Finally! I’ve been waiting two seasons for this!” Contained herein is a descriptive analysis of this particular battle of wits, blow by blow. Continue reading

The Magicians: “Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting”

My last post about this show really showed off both my serious side and the show’s, but this episode requires nothing but the giggliest of giggles.

While the beauty of this story as a whole is about the dark side of magic, viewers really needed a break from the serious. After introducing the show with two mostly serious episodes that set up the plot, a humorous interlude was required. Ironically there is a lot of discussion about suicide this episode, yet in spite of that we have been supplied an episode full of solid one-liners such as “I’m a nothing-mancer. I’m a squat-mancer” “Phosphomancy bitches”. This occurs when Quentin is discussing how he, for lack of a better term, had a hat-stall and missed getting sorted into any discipline.

Personally, my favorite moment is when Penny discovers Quentin singing Taylor Swift lyrics in his head. I am in fact #TeamTSwift and thus, for me, this was the perfect way to update this story into current pop culture. However, TSwift does seem more in character for Jason Ralph than for his character Quentin. Continue reading