Agent Carter: “The Atomic Job”


We welcome the newest version of the Scooby-gang in this episode and it is glorious. Not only do we get to rock #TeamPeggy&Jarvis at the beginning, the rest of this episode is also action packed. This is probably in my top five episodes. Don’t quote me on that. Even though we’re mid-season, this one just keeps getting better and better.

Even with the action though, there are a few concerns I have about this episode. For example, the spooky black-eyes thing I’m not so sure about. I feel like we’re nearing the edge of reasonable with that one. Things are getting close enough to Supernatural that I’m expecting Sam and Dean to show up any minute to save us from the zero matter apocalypse.

But the introduction of some new scientists brings us back to the science side of things. We also get to add Rose to the mix. She’s been around, but now she’s becoming part of the squad complete with her own annoying potential love interest, Samberly. Rose is so good at encouraging people, it is not wonder that she was hired as support for the SSR For the grand introduction of the Scooby-gang with Peggy at the helm, there was no musical option other than “Pistol Packing Mama”. We have Jarvis as Scooby, Carter as Velma, Shaggy as Chief Sousa, and Sam and Rose as Daphne and Fred.

And it all comes down to the Peggy vs Whitney showdown that we’ve been dying for, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this brief. Then I thought about it, and we can’t have the big showdown halfway through the season. I’m also a little disappointed that the good doctor hasn’t made a dramatic appearance for a great rescue, which just goes to support my emerging theory that he is the sacrificial lamb.

At the end of the episode we get to see more of Peggy’s vulnerable side. Being a fighter isn’t just about physical prowess, but also about one’s ability to to face down both physical and emotional pain. Yet again, we love Peggy Carter and her fighting spirit.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Every good experimental laboratory needs a Jerry, poor Jerry.