The 100: “Ye Who Enter Here”

the100303This dramatic of a title requires an equally dramatic episode. Going in I knew I would be unsatisfied with anything less. After much deliberation, I’m satisfied.

I questioned my satisfaction basically because this episode began with some whiney emotional stuff. This episode started off slow and a big part of this was the Lexa/Clarke jibber jabber. Lexa may be introspective and add some complexity to the cast, but she’s a b****. I really just don’t like her. Although, Clarke is developing her own high and mighty attitude that needs to be dealt with as well.

For the beginning of this episode, “go float yourself” pretty well sums up my feelings. Why is everyone in this show a d***? Why? Like really, watching this show is like watching the US Congress. Everybody needs to just whip it out and measure and quick being obstinate for the sake of being obstinate. Bunch of a**holes. Sorry again for the cussing guys, but this episode got to me. I also really want Marcus to take out Abby, preferably with violence. He’s just so much more suited to all of this than she is. But when he finally takes the reigns and Abby gives it up, she goes peacefully, much to my chagrin.

And while I cannot keep track of these d**n grounders, I am very excited to meet this Ice Queen. I have high hopes for her as a powerful character and as a way to bring some life back into this season, which is getting a little slow for me.

Besides the fact that there is never anything good that involves launch codes, nothing else happened in this episode. I’m so happy that Mount Weather is coming to an end. I’m ready for this storyline to move somewhere, preferably forward.

Now you may be asking, if I’m complaining so much, why did I find this episode satisfying. It’s all about the ending. The solid twist, the change of power, and the sexy heart-stopping last few minutes. At the very end, we get an underwhelming first view of the Ice Queen, but just before that is one of my favorite moments of this show, simply because it was unexpected.

Generally, while nothing much happens for 3/4 of this episode. The few things that do occur are very important and set us up for a really tasty next episode.

Procrastination and Giggles,

The Red Queen
P.S. There is some really really beautiful music in this episode. Shoutout to whoever was responsible for that decision.

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