Agent Carter: “Smoke & Angels”


I’ve probably said this before about Agent Carter, this is an episode I’ve been waiting for, for a very long time. This is the flashback episode. Many shows have that one episode that tells how all the characters got to where they are and this show has a doozy of one. Now we get to go back and see Peggy before Steve and we get that juxtaposed to pre-deadly Whitney Frost.

Baby Peggy was a really creative way to start this episode and it reminded us about why we love Peggy, especially when next we see her stuffing her face. Throughout this episode we get to learn that Peggy has always been a rough and tumble little girl and she stay strong even through tragedy. Repeatedly, Agent Carter has be part of tragic circumstances, but this doesn’t hold her back. Instead it propels her forward and she uses that pain and turns it into her fighting spirit. I’m glad to see that spirit honored in her backstory. 

We also get to see the almost Mr. Carter and oh boy do I understand why he didn’t get to be the husband. He is very much the classic chauvinist that is the opposite of what Peggy needs, but I look forward to finding out who the future Mr. Carter will be. Hayley Atwell looks great in classic white.

Meanwhile, we get to learn more of the backstory of  Whitney Frost, who is a new incarnation of the Marvel villain Madame Masque. In the comic books Madame Masque originally was a counterpart to Iron Man. However, Marvel always has to give shout outs to as many characters from the comic books as possible, which is something I personally enjoy. I would anticipate that this means Whitney Frost could be a multi-season villain, which I would also enjoy. But I digress.

As for this episode I think Whitney is the perfect villain to play opposite Agent Carter this season. Her backstory is so deep and powerful. This show does a great job at providing each character with his or her own personal motivations and Whitney is no exception. The lesson of the day here is don’t be terrible to your exceptionally brilliant child. Cruelty creates the perfect storm in which a villain can form. I do wish though that we knew more about her time as a scientist and how the beat the odds with that career rather than how some sleezeball got her into acting. With this episode, for me, Whitney joins the host of incredible characters that form the Agent Carter universe.

Of course, I can’t get through a post about Agent Carter without at least briefly discussing Jarvis, but really the star of this episode is his new nemesis. The bad guys now have a Jarvis. They have driver/hitman/all around useful man, Rufus. Great name by the way. He is the evil version of Jarvis. Finding a man more evil than Jarvis really isn’t hard, he got violently attacked by a koala whose “adorable appearance belies a vile temperament.” Too true Jarvis, too true.

And then there’s Robin, I just have to leave this at I love that she has become a regular character and I am SO excited to see more of her.

While these are all characters I love, others are beginning to get on my nerves. That War Department A**hole has really got to go. I get it the government is terrible. I knew the American government would bring up the fact that Peggy wasn’t an America at some point. We are such bastards.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. I want to be Jarvelous at all times

P.S.S. “What are your feelings about committing a felony Mr. Jarvis?” -Peggy
“In this case decidedly for.” – Jarvis

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