Mr. Pool: We Love Him For More than Ryan’s Butt

Deadpool had enough curse words to make a sailor blush, fight scenes to rival any other action movie, and more Easter eggs than at the community park on that weird weekday, afterschool event that’s somewhere around Easter.

I’m going to have to watch this movie at least two more times to catch all of the jokes and shout outs. In fact, there are so many that we can entirely justify three separate reviews about this movie. I’ll be honest with you, all of our reviews will amount to the same thing: GO SEE THIS MOVIE…but don’t take the kids. That being said, I still have to share with you my favorite elements from this comedy extravaganza.

As with any Marvel movie, the opening credits of this were a cinematic masterpiece and the close up of Ryan Reynolds’ marvelous backside was not even the best part. (And boy do I appreciate Ryan Reynolds.) My abs hurt before the actual movie even started.

All jokes aside though, my favorite element of this movie had to be how true to character it was. Sure there were liberties from the comic books, but we need to get over that already. The Deadpool we know and love, however, was there on screen before us. Any of you who attend any con know that Deadpool is an icon. If they screwed up this character there would have been riots in the lines at Comic Con. Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds was the perfect Deadpool and the most unique elements of this character were brought to the big screen.

In the comics, Deadpool is a kind of X-Men who definitely is NOT a hero, but the best part about the comics is that Mr. Pool is perfectly aware that he is in a comic book. The same goes for this movie. The entire time Deadpool is speaking to the audience telling him all about his backstory. This is true from the very beginning all the way through the after credits scene. Seeing as fourth wall breaking is totally my jam, this was #TheBest and was really the only comic book I required. However, they were able to deliver much more than that.

Thankfully, because Fox made this production it worked out that Mr. Pool’s mutant origins didn’t have to be completely ignored. We had nods to: Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, an on-going relationship between Mr. Pool and the X-Men, the fact that they couldn’t afford to pay for all the X-Men characters, Wolverine, and Hugh Jackman. Seriously guys, there’s an Australian joke. Didn’t catch that one? Go watch it again. The ongoing snark towards Wolverine and and the actor who played him was my favorite gag of the entire movie.

Of course we also have all the elements of the classic Marvel movie, a slightly misogynistic Stan Lee cameo, the crashed helicarier in the background, the origin of the super suit, and the hint of what’s to come after the credits. Really what I took away from this movie is screw the Marvel haters. I will NEVER tire of watching these. Yes, the storyline has been done, yes they save the girl at the end, and yes the bad guy in the second movie is going to be WAY cooler than the one in the first (Loki being an exception), but in the end we receive a hilarious movie that is an enjoyable treasure hunt of “oh my God did you get that not so obscure or possibly extremely obscure reference there!”

Go and see this hilariously crude masterpiece. Unless you don’t like that kind of thing.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Two for you Dopinder, you go Dopinder.

P. S. S. #DatAss


Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox. Butt courtesy of Ryan Reynolds. (Thank you for sharing Blake Lively.)