Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want: Lucifer 1.3 The Would-Be Prince of Darkness

In a word: Murder.

Ok, slow down, no one call the cops.  I promise I’m not on the path to the death penalty.  But Lucifer’s questioning of the virtuous, rare as a four-leaf clover crossed with a unicorn, football player, Ty Huntley immediately had me thinking: What would I do if I really let loose?

Thanks, Lucifer.  I did not need an existential question on a terrible, no good, awful day such as today has been.

So, what would I do if I really gave in to every desire?  As the epitome of a Type A personality, there is only order and organization, everything else is chaos.  I too may be often guilty of trying so hard to control my life I forget to enjoy it, but that is what tv is for: To Enjoy Life…and maybe to let someone else express my anger for me.  Clearly it works, because I feel infinitely better now. Cheers all around!

But, for the sake of indulging Luci, behold my gifs of ultimate destruction!

  1. The “If Looks Could Kill” rage-motion
  2. The “I’m On a Mission/Bitches Gonna Die” walk
  3. The “Songs of Murderous Rage” interlude
  4. The American Psycho level “Axe-On, Axe-Off” routine
  5. The “I’m Steeped in More Blood than Macbeth” moment of realization

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming with the demon of desire.

Lu is back on track this week with better plot, better music, and better one-liners than when last we saw him.  His depth of concern for humanity is also growing as his Hell-bent rage to punish the wicked begins to transform into Batmanesque justice for the victims.  He may have despised his appointment when handed to him by the Father, but he is relishing in the task on his own terms.  How delightfully human of him.

And the mortal emotions don’t stop there.  What’s this, Lucifer with a guilty conscience?  Whaaaaa???  Is that even possible?

Although Ty’s lament that Lucifer is to blame is easily brushed aside as that age-old excuse “the devil made me do it,” I think perhaps on some level Lucifer believes it to be true.  Both the audience and Luci are aware of his supernatural gift to bring forth one’s deepest desires to the surface, but who is responsible for the actions taken as a result of that knowledge?  Does Lucifer merely enlighten or does he entice?  Is he now having second thoughts concerning his own actions?

Careful, Lu, you’re starting to feel…

But, not to worry, Lucifer hasn’t gone all softhearted yet.  While his encounter with an identity thief may have been less than appealing in the murderous rage category, there was some glass-wall breakage and violent body-flinging in the end.  Blood lust appeased.

Fly, my pretties, fly!
— Queen Amidala

Favorite Quote: “This malfeasant reprobate is destroying the Lucifer brand!” — Lucifer
Favorite Song: “Where the Devil Don’t Go” — Elle King

Additional Item of note: I feel like every time we cut to Lucifer in bed with last night’s conquest, the number of party guests goes up.  I think we’re one week short of an orgy at this point.

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