Galavant: Making My <3 Sing Since 2015

I know I haven’t been posting for this season of Galavant, but I had to share some brief thought on this season as a whole and especially the finale.

Overall, this season was up and down, but it had some real high points. (See my post on the chick fight here.) The Mount Everest of the high points this season had to be the two part finale, which included everything I love about this show. My Monday after watching those two episodes included a lot of dramatic lip singing and cheer. And let me tell you…I am NOT a Monday person nor a morning person, but that day I was all smiles.

This finale was the best part of my month. I’m completely serious about that. If you haven’t watched Galavant, putting in the time for the first two seasons is worth it entirely just for the season two finale.

If you enjoy a world of dragons, knights, armies, zombies, love, singing, fourth wall breaking and adventure, you need to see this finale. Like please watch it guys.