The Magicians: “Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting”

My last post about this show really showed off both my serious side and the show’s, but this episode requires nothing but the giggliest of giggles.

While the beauty of this story as a whole is about the dark side of magic, viewers really needed a break from the serious. After introducing the show with two mostly serious episodes that set up the plot, a humorous interlude was required. Ironically there is a lot of discussion about suicide this episode, yet in spite of that we have been supplied an episode full of solid one-liners such as “I’m a nothing-mancer. I’m a squat-mancer” “Phosphomancy bitches”. This occurs when Quentin is discussing how he, for lack of a better term, had a hat-stall and missed getting sorted into any discipline.

Personally, my favorite moment is when Penny discovers Quentin singing Taylor Swift lyrics in his head. I am in fact #TeamTSwift and thus, for me, this was the perfect way to update this story into current pop culture. However, TSwift does seem more in character for Jason Ralph than for his character Quentin.

I also think that this show is doing a good job of being subtly creepy. There is something unnerving about seeing just a body part floating in the water that seeing an entire body wouldn’t provide. In general, slight creepiness is something I think Syfy does well, whereas it lacks in outright scare factor. I’m glad they are sticking to their strengths.

On the downside of things, I’m sad to say that the acting is starting to get a little stale. I was hoping that by now there would be some kind of commiseration between Alice and Quentin that wasn’t forced. At this point they are partners in crime, companions at war and they should be connecting at least at some level, but the actors just are not getting there. Even Alice’s drunken moment lacked pizazz. Penny especially has been a real disappointment. He is more of a whiney gangster than a school bully, which should have been avoided by aging the characters to provide them with a more mature outlook. Originally I thought Arjun Gupta was going to play a great Penny, but his poor interpretation of his character isn’t making the cut. I do have hopes that this could turn around however. On the flip side, Eliot and Julia are spot on. Julia’s need for more is something I think we can relate to and Stella Maeve’s performance is making me like TV Julia much more than I liked book Julia because she is so relatable.

We just have to hope that The Magicians find their acting charisma before they can’t recover.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Sassy ghost is sassy.