10 Signs That You May Have FPA (Funko Pop Addiction)

  1. At any given time you can name the next five Pops you are going to buy in order of priority.
  2. The next time you buy Pops you completely diverge from that list because “OH I FORGOT ABOUT THAT ONE!”
  3. You have a running tally of the number of Pops you own. (See homepage side bar)
  4. When I say, “To unbox or not to unbox?” you completely understand my dilemma.
  5. You know which editions of which Pops are in which stores.
  6. The Funko Pop Vault page is a most visited on your browser because you can’t stop panicking about them getting rid of that one Pop you need to finish a set. See Vault Here.
  7. You and your friends have a spreadsheet of all available Pops and which ones you each want and have so that there is no risk of double buying. (The Queens have one of these. I swear.)
  8. Any time that you go to buy a Pop it always takes much longer than expected because you have to budget number of Pops gained vs. want vs. how much money is left in your bank account.
  9. Your sixth sense isn’t about ghosts, but about which characters Funko will release next and you prepare your budget accordingly.
  10. Gift giving opportunities have devolved into giving your loved ones Pops because if they get hooked maybe you’ll get more Pops when they give gifts to you.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Once you Pop, you just can’t stop.

Funko.com and retailers were in no way involved in the creation of this blogpost. Also, WARNING, Pop purchase may result in obsession. Side effects include crazed eyes, a violent need to re-watch TV shows, obsessive list making, and increased credit card debt.