The 100: “The Wanheda, Part One”

the100301_1348The 100 is one of those rare shows that is better than the books. I read the first book and it was…okay, but not really worth a re-read. In contrast, the show has been up and down. I kind of wish they had gone with 13 episode arcs than 22 because there are a large number of throwaway episodes with people crying that kind of suck.

Because of this, the show has never been a top priority for me but I have to say this new season may change that. This episode mostly fills us in on what has happened in the three months since the fall of Mount Weather. I have to say I’m surprised Abby is still in charge because she is easily my least favorite character. Cut the damn cord lady.

I’m so happy the Mount Weather storyline is dead. It was getting tired. I am also happy that 1) Clark is still a badass bisexual and the CW is not afraid of supporting non-heterosexual normativity. I cannot express how much I love a bisexual main character.

Not only does Clark have new complexity but so do many of her compatriots, which I think will provide an abundance of new material to carry the rest of the season. There has clearly been some much needed discussion of character development in the writers’ room.

I wish the tree people would all come around to the truce because I’m a little tired of that too, but I think the battle with the Ice Nation will force that to happen. Speaking of which, I think this multi-grounder tribe storyline is really what I’ve been waiting for. Between that and Jaha’s technology infused drug trips I think there is the fodder for a really good season.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Gotta love an abundance of queens. Thankfully, these three aren’t at war. 🙂

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