Agent Carter: “Better Angels”

This episode really starts to put the science back into the SSR, which, personally, I love. Finally Howard Stark is back in the game and while he looks good as a movie producer, scientist definitely looks best on Stark. That being said, the science in this episode is definitely comic book science, all far fetched physics. But, they at least throw in an appropriate joke or two; Brownian motion is always a good fallback for source of error.

As always, however, this post is dedicated to Jarvis. Throughout all of his endeavors, Jarvis is the best sidekick anyone could ask for. He graciously plays the roles of butler, driver, concierge, spy and even laboratory technician. He even has a self-admitted immigrant heritage seeing as he is an entire 1/16 Turkish.

In this episode we also get to see the creation of Jarvis as we know him in modern times when Stark installs his new security system. One of my favorite lines of this show to date is “I’ve no desire to spend the rest of time as a disembodied voice.” It acts as a beautiful tie-in for the then and now.

This episode is full of wonderful tie-ins and a little bit of breaking the fourth wall e.g. “They’re ready for a movie based on a comic book? What a dreadful idea.” Besides this wonderful one-liner we get to see more of the Peggy we have always loved. Seeing her kick some ass, real or stuffed makes me so happy. And she gets to kick ass AND act. Her cover ego Wendy is amazingly dimwitted. Really though, seeing Agent Carter fight hand to hand not some dainty, distance shooting flexible shit, but some real hardcore shit is refreshing. I’m tired of all these women who either fight from a distance or only look impressive because they can do the splits. Women can be just as in the fray as men and Agent Carter shows us that.

Another progressive idea that I’m glad they are addressing is race. With a black scientist in that time period, they had to address racism. Using great backstory and sideline jabs at the white men’s club. This show is able to address racial injustice without taking away from the comic book storyline.

I hope this conversation continues in future episodes. I also really hope that communism is just a red herring, mostly because I want Howard Stark to use that phrase.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Thompson needs to character develop into NOT a giant prick. Fast.