The Nine (three) Lives of Chloe King

Once upon a time there was a TV show on ABC Family called The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Granted, I watched it several years ago, but I had to take a moment to rant about it here. I surprisingly loved this show. I watched it every single week. Yes, it was ABC Family and so it was overly teen and the acting was sub par and then relationship stuff made me want to vomit, but she was a cat person. A CAT PERSON. How cool of an idea is that? A teenager with magic cat powers who literally has nine lives. Season one ended in her death, but not really and in my desperate need to know what happened before season two I bought the book.

Now normally I read the book before I’m willing to watch the show/movie, but I didn’t know that this was originally a book. After season one was over I decided to check because I REALLY needed to know what happened. And so I bought the book…

This is where the story turns dark. The book series was supposed to be nine books; a nod to the nine lives. But, only three were out and according to the internet none of the other ones were ever going to be written. Big RED flag right there. But, I was desperate I had to know what happened to Chloe and most importantly I needed backstory. Why does she have cat powers, where do they come from, what is the pattern of genetic inheritance? I needed answers.

AND I DIDN’T GET ANY. There was a definitely reason why they stopped publishing this series. It was bad…really bad. This is one of the very few times when I can say the show was better than book. With the special shocking twist that the show was on ABC Family. That if anything should tell you how bad this book is series is. I actually donated my copy because I knew there was no way I’d read it again. Between the lack of answers and the terrible writing this book was a major let down.

In the end, I never got my answers because the originality of the storyline wasn’t enough to get past the terrible acting and the Nine Lives of Chloe King never got a season two.

Le sigh.

Procrastination and Angry Rants,
The Red Queen

P.S. meow