Pitch Slapped: A Story of Good vs Evil

I know that this one is a little off topic for us, but I watch a painful amount of reality television and occasionally I have thoughts that simply must be shared. Luckily for you, this happens to be a great venue for me to share thoughts. Blogs are pretty great.

But, back to the point. Pitch Slapped. Lifetime does it again with another reality show that I shouldn’t want to watch but I wait for excitedly every week because wrongfully judging people on TV is better than wrongfully judging people in real life.

Essentially this show is about two high school a cappella groups who are pretty good, but far from Pitch Perfect good and would really like to get a shot at a national title. To do this they bring in two coaches, Diana (professional a cappella singer and coach) and Deke (life long a cappella-ist and advisor/writer/arranger person for Pitch Perfect). By the way if you haven’t watch Pitch Perfect…do it.

Now I’m sure Diana is actually a very lovely person, but for the purposes of this show she really plays the villain and I can’t help but think she should have expected that. Deke is the quintessential loveable nerd. He even has a health condition and glasses. GLASSES. And Diana is the attractive put together professional red head with the authoritative voice. To top it all off they gave Diana the better team. Highlands Voices regularly wins against Deke’s team Stay Tuned. Although Stay Tuned definitely has the better name. Also, Highlands Voices is the small group with a number of confident teens whereas Stay Tuned is a giant collective of underdogs. Here is where Diana went wrong, everyone loves an underdog and from the beginning my geeky little heart is rooting for Stay Tuned. The only thing Diana has going for her with the viewers is the Highlands Voices’ smaller size allows the viewer to learn more about each individual team member. Stay Tuned is kind of a giant blob of hormones aside from a few members selected for some extra camera time.

To get to the reason I so desperately needed to blog… Diana, why would you do this to yourself? You know you’re going to be the antagonist! You even have the yelling attitude. Diana believes performance and perfection are everything. Every time Deke is on screen he is talking about the importance of having heart and loving the music and letting it flow through your being. Even I love this hippy dippy stuff! I could not have written a story about battling a cappella coaches with an easier split between good and evil.

The worst thing is, if Highlands Voices wins at the end people still will be cheering for Stay Tuned. That is the power of the underdog. Now, my fellow authors are self-proclaimed Slytherins so their team may disagree with the power of the underdog, but besides those guys I’m sure all the other houses would agree. I mean we loved Cedric because he was a Hufflepuff. If he wasn’t a Hufflepuff it would have been an entirely different tournament.

Diana, put your Slytherin tie away, realize you’re working with a bunch of kids who can barely even drive and get those damned giant sunglasses off of your face.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. A cappella really is awesome y’all…PSA: go watch Pitch Perfect. Just do it.