No Rest for the Wicked: Lucifer 1.1 Pilot

Marvel may be killing it on the big screen, but DC has been absolutely stellar on the nightly in-home front. And Lucifer, its newest tv arrival, is one Hell of a good time. Please Fox, don’t let this one go the way of Firefly.

Again, mad props to the music team. As with Reign, this has me downloading new songs as I write. Cage the Elephant’s “Aint No Rest for the Wicked” followed immediately by the late great David Bowie’s “Fame” had me cheering for the epic beats playing across my computer. And that was only in the first five minutes.

Also, well done casting team! Tom Ellis is Lucifer Morningstar in the flesh. Charming and disarming, his gift for eliciting the deepest desires from everyone he meets (well, maybe not quite everyone) is at times hysterical and downright devilish. And of course the fiend is British. Who else could deliver such glorious holier than thou sarcastic wit?

The rest of the cast is not without its familiar faces as True Blood & Arrow fans will recognize Kevin Alejandro as Dan – the condescending ex-husband cop, while Whedonites will be ecstatic about D.B. Woodside’s show-stopping appearance as Amenadiel – an angel with a taste for war…and Lucifer’s blood.

So, Lucifer has a great cast, excellent taste in music — Lu’s own line about disliking 2Vile’s hip-hop was spot on by the way — and some funny lines. But it is the ability of a show to masterfully layer all of that character work, music, and those little nods to the audience with a thoughtful plotline that takes a good show and makes it great. While Lucifer may sport a “devil may care” attitude when he’s out amongst the mortals, the devil really does care when you get down to it. Disguised behind the trappings of a crime drama is the real meat of the storyline: The play between Lucifer’s immortal soul and these mortal musings he seems to have suddenly found. I’d call them “feelings,” but I think that’s a bit too strong of a sentiment just yet.

In any case, I am loving the show thus far, and am more than intrigued: Why has Lucifer abandoned Hell? Are these mortal musings the cause for the abandonment of his post?  Why do I have to wait another week before the next show airs???

The devil may have gone down to Georgia, but I just got back from an 8 hour drive up from Atlanta, so I should probably call it a night now.

So, to conclude, I give Lucifer Two Thumbs WAY UP! Let’s hope it stays that way.

– Queen Amidala

  • Favorite Moment: Lu interrupts a sylvan wedding only to have the priest recognize him and begin backing away in terror.
  • Favorite Line: “Here it is: the seventh of Never through to the fifteenth of It Ain’t Going to Happen. How does that work for you guys?”
  • Favorite Song: Serious toss-up between the two mentioned above.

Images courtesy of & Tumblr (the almighty sleep-deprived bowels of the internet)