Galavant Rides to War with Great Plot and Great Music (“Love and Death” / “Do the D’DEW”)


So Galavant died. That happened.

Fortunately, though, the show was more alive than ever this week, with what was probably my favorite episodes of the season to date.

We got to see how Galavant’s death would affect Richard and Sid without any lasting consequences (except Galavant giving Sid a lot of shit over it), and the writers used that moment to finally reveal to Galavant that Isabella thinks he broke up with her (before bringing him back, obviously). That song (“Goodbye”) is my favorite of the season thus far, and Neo of Sporin was probably my favorite one-off character. And the zombie army…what a wonderful sight gag and a hilarious plot device. Their back-up “singing” and “dancing” during “Finally” made that song so much better than it otherwise would have been.

Meanwhile, love was in the air everywhere this episode. Gareth’s song about being in love with Madalena was adorable without being overly creepy, and the show has had me convinced for weeks that they are a great pair for each other. Their scene confessing their feelings via the army was just perfect. And Richard finally woke up to what was in front of him and got to experience the joy of a relationship (even if he also immediately got to experience the bottomless despair of a breakup).

Wormwood continues to be completely underwhelming as a villain. While I like that he’s introduced Madalena to the dark dark evil way and now we’re going to get some evil magic, he’s still a flimsy plot device at best. The writers have given us no reason to care about him, and he gets more annoying with ever week.

Wormwood aside, the plot actually went somewhere this week and it was this that made the episodes so good. Isabella is finally acting under her own agency inside of moping around or being mind controlled, and she’s proving to be highly capable. She’s back to the character I loved in season 1, and seeing her confront Madalena was a highlight of “Do the D’DEW.” Galavant finally has an army (even if it is undead), and he’s finally back in the same territory as the other characters, with Richard in tow.

Everything is finally coming together for next week’s finale, and I can’t wait to see how this resolves – especially given that the last episode of the season is called “The One True King (To Unite Them All).”

Other Assorted Thoughts:

  • We all knew the Princess Bride reference was coming, and man was it good when it did. “That’s not actually a thing.”
  • The unicorn joke still has not gotten old.
  • Chef and Gwen are still absent, and I’m starting to worry that they’re gone for good.
  • Did anyone else notice that Galavant & co. made it back to Valencia without ever crossing the ocean? I guess it could all be on the same continent, but still…
  • Madalena and the baby. Oh boy. We got REALLY dark dark there for a minute.
  • Disappointed that we didn’t see any of Tad Cooper but still rooting for him to save the day at the end of this season.


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