Agent Carter: “A View in the Dark”

acarter202_0134.jpegJarvis, Jarvis, Jarvis. This season really will be the season of the Jarvises both the Mr. and the Mrs. I personally have always loved Jarvis, but when you combine him and his wife suddenly the world is a happier place and it all makes sense. Mrs. Jarvis’ presence gives so much context to Mr. Jarvis’ attitude and mannerism and their interactions provide all the comic relief I could ever want. She makes an incredible companion if not sidekick to Peggy and does so without seeming fragile or incompetent like some of Peggy’s other female friends.

It is hard to come up with much to say about this episode that isn’t some kind of dramatic spoiler because goodness does it move. All of the things happen during this one and I mean #ALLofTheThings. Because of that I will keep my report fairly short.

Primarily this episode is a very large game of “Who’s the bad guy?”. The viewers are trying to manage numerous plots and subplots that are all intertwined and trying to track not only which bad guy is which but also who’s on which side is a full time task. Mad props to the writers because they manage to make these interwoven plots seamless and understandable. The numerous subplots and their slow unveiling make me wiggle in anticipation for the rest of the season.

The primary purpose of this episode is the character development and involvement of Dr. Jason Wilkes, a very tall and very clean cut scientist at Isodyne. He insists on getting to know Peggy at a personal level which gives the audience a teaser into her life before the SSR, which I’d love to hear more about. These moments show that Peggy is just as much of a troublemaker as the rest of us and makes her even more endearing. Besides the allowance for these moments, the good doctor is probably the least favorite of my new characters. His only useful purpose is to expose more of Agent Carter’s softer side. Besides that we could do without him. Yes he is a source of intelligence but between Sousa, Jarvis, Stark and Carter we have all of the necessary skills to move this story forward without him. This makes me wonder if his involvement will become more important during this season because right now he appears as an extraneous complication. I’m willing to play along with his game and wait, but the other new elements of this season are much more enjoyable.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. A quick jab to the right eye is not only a great hobby but also a very convincing interrogation tactic.

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