Agent Carter: “The Lady in the Lake”

acarter201_1952Season one of Agent Carter showed the world that there was nothing sexier or more powerful than a woman who is confident in her own worth. With Peggy Carter’s impeccable wardrobe and Hayley Atwell’s womanly figure, Agent Carter quickly became the kind of role model every woman needs.

As season two begins, Agent Carter has finally gotten at least some respect from the men at the SSR, even if the bulk of the credit went to a man as far as the outside world is concerned.

Fans hope to see Carter’s star grow ever brighter this season as well as an increase in fantastic outfits, witty one liners, and maybe just maybe she will get the chance to move on after what one believes to be the demise of Steve Rogers, Captain America. We know from the movies that she falls in love one more time and I am excited to see her heart mend on screen. So here’s to a season full of kickassery, awesome hats and at least some Jarvis Carter team shenanigans.

Seeing Peggy as the frontrunner on an operation right from the get go makes my eyers tear with joy, and Underwood seems like the antagonist we have been waiting for to play opposite Peggy. And, of course, Thompson continues to be a class A prick.

I personally loved that season one was very science oriented but it didn’t feel quite like a superhero story. But I have to say the supervillan feel of season two is not only apparent but enjoyable. Until I saw it I didn’t realize how badly I wanted Peggy to be sucked back into the true comic-book-verse. The introduction of Mrs. Jarvis could easily be the most exciting part about this first episode and her role as the supplier of feminine hero attire solidifies the return to comic-book-dom for me.

Between having her very own Edna Mode and the introduction of mystical substances, love triangles, dirty politicians, scheming government agencies, and secret societies, this season already has it all and is likely to provide viewers with a new complex look at the world of Agent Carter.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Bernard Stark may be my new favorite character and I do hope he is reoccurring.

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