Shadowhunters: The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy

And neither is locating something good to say about this episode. It has come to my attention that they intend to mix up story lines from several of the books, which is fine. I completely understand why it is necessary to change things up for a different media type. However, how they will cover that much ground in 13 episodes is eluding me. I realize that last week I said that the show was moving desperately fast, and I stand firm with my idea that they are revealing the punchline much to quickly, but nothing happened during this episode. Nothing.

That’s a lie. They argued some, hit on each other some, and moved around a bit. Oh and I guess we now know what Luke’s big secret is.

Freeform…stop trying to be clever. Stop thinking that teenage hormones can create an interesting storyline. And please, I beg of you, stop hiring actresses who run like a constipated T-Rex. Watching Clary romp around made me question if she could ever confidently wield a butter knife let alone a sword.

And the music…dear god the music. Next time I may watch with ear plugs in. I’d probably find it a more moving experience.

The only good thing about this episode is the Silent Brothers. Again, the makeup, costuming, and props department are what is going to keep me watching for episode three. They do make me feel like I’ve fallen into a fantasy world. But sadly, the Silent Brothers were not given their due screen time. The supposedly deadly painful process barely made Clary flinch and the Silent Brothers were given none of their very interesting background story, even ignoring how certain Shadowhunters have special powers, which seems like an important note.

The biggest disappointment however has to be Magnus Bane. I loved Harry Shum Jr. in Glee. He was an incredible actor, but Magnus Bane is just plain boring in this show so far and he is a pivotal character. Magnus is also supposed to be a source of story depth, because of he’s homosexual tendencies, but of course Freeform has taken both homosexual subplots and hidden them almost completely in an attempt to appeal to as big of an audience as possible which is a huge mistake and frankly makes me sad.

All in all, this show is not living up to expectations, but Freeform is living up to my low opinion of them.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. Simon was supposed to be the smart one but he wants to battle demons alone? Le sigh.