iZombie: a show as fantastic as its’ title is terrible (Season 1 eps. 1-6)

As your quintessential Type A slightly aggressive sorority girl, I find that I want to connect on a spiritual level with all of the badass main ladies, but I have finally found my televised soul sister. Liv Moore (mad props to the name pun) is your classic self-motivated medical student who ends up with a job in the morgue when she gets turned into a zombie during a booze cruise. She falls into a depressive slump, but things begin to turn around when she finds that she can eat the brains of murder victims and be able to help in finding the killer.

At first glance this plot seems pretty straightforward and overly simple. I was astounded when I discovered how layered this plot can be.
1) Crime solving zombie
2) Other crime causing zombies
3) How does one become a zombie?
4) Can we be cured of zombie-ism?
5) Is there an evil corporation or is this a red herring?
6) ALL of the boy trouble
7) and we have to hide it all from the loved ones.

This additionally complexity takes what could have been basically another detective story and beautifully mixes it with a sci-fi underlayer, which keeps you wanting more. It has something for everyone, action (can you say kung fu?), romance (sooooo much man candy), and amazingly hilarious side-kicks (male and female).

Granted, the title of this show is pretty terrible. I mean really? But one-liners like “I’m a social worker. My insurance covers like one bandaid a year” more than make up for that particular oversight. There is still a real reason this show has 5 stars on Netflix…popular culture is rarely that nice or consistent. The only negative I can locate so far is that hiding your secrets from the police using the guise of being a psychic is only a little bit over done. That’s one concept that needs to be killed and left in a ditch.

However, by far, the best plot device of this show is also the reason it is likely to become one of my favorite shows of all time. When Liv Moore eats a brain, not only does she get some of the persons memories, she also takes on their personalities and skills. Throughout the first few episodes she learns new languages, kung fu, becomes an artist and most notably takes on the personality traits of an extreme sociopath. Rose McIver (Liv Moore) is an impressive actress for being able to shift personalities from one episode to the next and she does it well. This all makes for a great plot device and a natural source of comedy.

In summary, if you haven’t watched this show you really really need to.

Procrastination and Giggles,
The Red Queen

P.S. “I don’t know how many Take Back The Night seminars they gave at your sorority house but I can pretty much take out Batman with a spiral notebook and a student ID card.” #Fact #TrustMeIShouldKnow