Galavant Goes to Broadway, Gets Lost, and Drives in Circles (Review of Giants vs. Dwarves / About Last Knight)


This week, Galavant went to the Great White Way with its music.

There were two obvious homages to famous musicals: the Jets & Sharks of West Side Story (recast as giants and dwarves who…well, they’re all actually the same size) and the patriotic Frenchmen of Les Miserables (recast as Sid leading a group of increasingly less enthusiastic peasants against Gareth and Madalena’s troops). The practical upshot of this was that the music was of a much higher quality this week than it has been to this point in season 2, a much-appreciated improvement over the last two weeks.

Richard also provided some excellent humor and music, trading the jewel of Valencia off-screen for a “dragon” he promptly named Tad Cooper. Part of me really really hopes his new friend actually breathes fire by the end of the season – it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

Despite the excellent music, these two episodes revealed a slowly stagnating plot. This season is longer than last season, and it’s beginning to wear on the show. By this point last season, Galavant was close to his goal – he was already in Valencia confronting Madalena. Unfortunately, the plot is being strung out much more this season, with a random assortment of characters who don’t seem like they’re going to have much impact on the plot (like Princess Jubilee – what in the world did that scene serve to do? Was there not a better way for Isabella to lose her tiara?)

The new villain, Wyrmwood, continues to be flat and one-dimensional, though it was nice to see him get kicked out of Hortensia. Isabella broke her engagement, but did little else. Once again, Galavant, Richard and Bobby trekked through some woods and very little happened of note (though Galavant did get some closure with his father). Unlike previous weeks, there was very little in the way of character development, particularly for Richard. Meanwhile, Sid escaped Valencia to find his way back to Galavant.

Gareth and Madalena’s budding relationship is adorable in an odd, sadistic sort of way. The plotline of getting Gareth a scar for his birthday was a bit strange, not to mention Wyrmwood showing up to start a war. (I mean really…the king of Hortensia was literally just there a short while ago. They know it’s got to be where Isabella & co went. Why have they not attacked before now?)

And where the hell were Chef and Gwen? After giving them such a touching moment last week, they were completely absent from this week’s episodes.

That’s not to say that these episodes were all bad – they were still quite enjoyable. But the show needs to get its plot in order and back on the rails, because right now the plotlines are figuratively driving in circles. All the great elements of the show are still there, but the show is beginning to cultivate an aura of aimlessness that worries me.

Other Assorted Thoughts:

  • The Forest of Coincidence takes the cake as best joke of both episodes. What a clever play on fantasy cliches.
  • Where was Anthony Head? I much preferred him as Galavant’s dad in season 1.
  • On the flip side of the cameo coin, happy to see Nick Frost as the leader of the giants!
  • Bobby continues to be the most sensible person on the damn show, and her exasperation has been felt by women everywhere.